Have you ever wondered, why even in the 21st century, a father is supposed to be the head of the family? Or a child is still somewhere bound to do what his/her parents wants him/her to do? Or why do we hesitate to take our own decisions independently?

Because we’ve been taught all this since ages and accepted it all as a fact without an inquisitive mind of “WHY?”

With rapid mushrooming of colleges/institutions around the country, be it for engineering/BBA/MBA etc, are the kids of our country really getting educated? Well, what is education? Why do we need it? Just to enhance our resume and to somehow get a job doing mundane tasks everyday to fill the pocket of someone who barely knows you? Or to make our own self satisfied that I’ve done “higher studies” and am now known to be a well qualified person in the society!!

The world is changing and we cannot afford to be on the back seat. The time has come to break these strands of unknown rituals, being followed since ages, and understand what education actually is and how Indian education system and Indian mentality on it needs a “revamp”!

Why was Newton the only one to question the falling of an apple while all others just watched it falling? Because all others accepted it to be “like that only”! We are still like that frog who thinks the well is the only world, nothing beyond it! We need to come out of it and explore the world with the right knowledge and right know-how!

Sitting in a 4 walled room and learning algebra on a white board is not bad, but it’s equally true that this 4 walled learning is not enough to fetch you a perfect job! A more focus based approach is what we need to adopt. An approach where Java/C++ comes up in the shell of core skills. India’s demographic dividend can be reaped efficiently only if we focus on skilling the massive youth population on their core skills and make them more job ready. Only then can we reap the exact potential. Textbooks and white-boards are good to teach you the concepts but it won’t teach you how to deal with ambiguity, how to generate curiosity, how to manage your anger/stress, how to be effective in communication, how to be more professional, because all these are the “out of the well” things, which needs to be built and developed. And these skills are not just important for our professional life but also personal.

So friends, let’s not just be qualified, let’s get educated! Let’s see the world with a lens beyond textbook learning. Let’s all try and keep the myelin on fire today, tomorrow and forever and make this world a better place to live in!

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