The most simplistically-complex game of the corporate world!
We strongly believe that every hire counts and one wrong hire can spoil the game! We at iPRIMED aim at addressing the challenges of recruitment at all levels – entry to senior, and ensure new recruits create value for your business from their first day on the job!
Addressing Recruitment Challenges - Entry to Senior Level

But, How??

Value-Creating Recruits - iPRIMED's Hiring Approach

We are not just resume carriers! We leverage our innovative Assessment & Profiling tool (iPAT) to provide the most eligible candidates to our clients. We cut down on your selection efforts by training them well before presenting them to you!

Time is of the essence! We have a TAT defined for all the requirements and we achieve this by keeping the supply up and running. We train multiple cohorts every month across different technologies, that provide us access to a reliable pipeline of skilled talent throughout the year on demand.

Innovative Assessment & Profiling Tool - iPAT
Trained Candidates for Your Business Needs

Retention is the Key! We help our clients recruit candidates for whom the job is aspirational and this ensures commitment/loyalty! We also recommend/consult if the candidate is better suited for “rule-based” or “judgement-based” jobs, resulting in reduced attrition and better performance.

Struggling to find the right Talent for your firm?? We are here to help!!

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We specialize in nurturing the leaders of tomorrow. Explore how we can assist you today.

Time-Efficient Hiring - TAT Defined for All Requirements