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iPRIMED understands that language enhancement is tricky and fraught with failure, if not done the right way.

iPRIMED’s English Language & Behavioral Skills Enhancement program is designed to get candidates move from their current CEFR Level to the next level at the end of 100 hours of training spread across 10 weeks (our recommendation; can be tweaked), apart from the improvement in behavioral skills.

About the Programme

Language Pre and Post Assessments - Measuring Progress

Early Career – Graduates joining your organization post college

English Language & Behavioral Skills Training - Key Highlights

Working Professional – Existing employees who are handling Customers for your organization!

Key Highlights

Our unique SLA (Second Language Acquisition) methodology focuses more on the content than on the form.
SLA Methodology for Effective Language Learning
Innovative Approach to Language Training - Engaging Learners
Unlike the classical approach, which works on reversing this mindset, our innovative approach focuses on something that the learner can easily relate to; this ensures that we create sufficient interest in the training. Gradually, the context changes to the world of work.
The major focus of this training ( 80 – 90%) is English (language) proficiency improvement and only 10 – 20% on other soft skills.
Focus on English Proficiency - 80-90% of Training

How do we do it?

  • Assess and evaluate the Basic English of candidates on the following parameters
    • Writing
    • Speaking
    • Reading
    • Listening
  • Map it to PRIMED L* Scale / CEFR scale (mutually agreed level):
Not Met - Red (two notches low )
Not met - Amber (one notch low)
Met - Green (at the agreed level)
  • Depending upon the current level of candidates on the L/CEFR Scale homogenous cohorts (Red/Amber/Green) will be created
  • Training will be designed specific to the cohort category (Red/Amber/Green) for the entire training duration
  • Target would be to get Amber to Green and Red to Amber by end of the training
  • On completion of training language assessment would be carried out for Red and Amber cohorts
  • Gap Analysis would be done on the basis of ore and post assessment observations
  • Basis the gap, language interventions can continue for the Amber category even after deployment

An extended training for 3 months is recommended for freshers who move from Red to Amber category, post the initial 10 week. The focus will be on learning in the flow of work.

Preparation (Week 1-4)

  • Micro Learning
  • Real time videos
  • Contextual exercises
  • Follow up through F2F

Experience (Week 5-8)

  • Concept understanding
  • Simulated situations
  • Follow up through F2F

Application (Week 9 – 12)

  • Understanding deeper blocks
  • Practice & Measure
  • Follow up through F2F

Learning Corporate English made easy..!! Don’t believe? Try our Training..!!

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