We strongly believe that every hire counts and one wrong hire can spoil the game! We don’t focus much on the “exact match” model used for Just in Time hiring – but, rather look at a different approach!

For a Client, we source candidates who are not an exact fit for the job requirement but are trainable to meet the requirement in a span of a few weeks/months via our unique and transformational learning model. We check for trainability via our proprietary Assessment & Profiling tool (iPAT). Post successful completion of training, the candidate gets engaged with the Client in a productive manner. This is our USP!

Our Business Value Adds

We offer multiple engagement models for our Clients

Source, Hire, Train
Source, Train, Onboard
Hire, Train, Deploy
Assessment & Profiling
Campus Recruitment Outsourcing (Campus Hiring)

Source, Hire, Train (SHT)

Source, Train, Onboard (STO)

Hire, Train, Deploy (HTD)

Assessment & Profiling (AP)

While this normally gets used as a part of our Recruitment Offerings, we also offer this stand alone. Our Clients use this to make hiring and deployment decisions.

This is based on 7 dimensions

  • An empirical measure of what individuals are capable of learning - this plays an important rolein their ability to improve significantly in a short span of time.
  • Evaluated on the basis of how individual thinks learning is controlled, how knowledge is organized, speed of learning and whether knowledge is already evolved or evolving etc

  • Helps understand aspects like biological developments, psychological growth, life events (births, deaths, marriages, divorces etc) and transitions, relationship issues etc.
  • Enables arriving at identity - Intimacy levels of the learner.

  • This a reflection of personality traits and helps understand the ability to cope with stress/situation. Aspects assessed are - Learners ability to modify the situation, give the situation a different meaning or let out stress

  • This is especially helpful as exposure to team/group work is minimal in colleges whereas it is very important in the corporate world. Hostile & competitive group/class room environment is determinental to the growth and learning of students; even though, this is what is propagated in most educational institutions

  • 2 representative skills have been selected from each of the 3 buckets and questions have been designed to assess the same and the results have been generalized to represent the characteristics of the respective bucket

  • Focus is on education levels of parents, birth order, city where they have grown up etc

  • Questions cover computer fundamentals, understanding of a programming language (some fundamental concepts), databases etc
  • Aptitude levels appropriate for thee IT space covering mathematics, analytical ability, reasoning, data analysis and reading comprehension

Campus Recruitment Outsourcing (Campus Hiring)

Hiring from campuses is not easy for the uninitiated!

While there is a plethora of Colleges in India, the better ones are always in high demand from companies who have been working with these Colleges over the years!

Working through this maze is a challenge that we overcome for our Clients via our established relationship with hundreds of Colleges across the country.

Once we understand our Client’s requirements, we shortlist a set of Colleges, get them approved and run the hiring process end to end. Our systems and processes are tailored and optimized to execute the hiring process efficiently and effectively!

If you need peace of mind, think of us!

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