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English made easy!

The English learning program caters to trainees of all proficiency levels, starting from those who don't even know the alphabet. The design is mapped to the CEFR scale. We built this working with the DDU GKY team. The English learning platform can be used for all the vocations skill development programs and we are currently implementing this in Corporates like Tata Steel, SIS Securities, our CSR programs, training programs sponsored by ADB (Asian Development bank) etc.

We use a non-conventional approach where the medium of movies is used to make the students learn English.

Learners play games around movies and learn English (LSRW). while playing these games they earn points, badges etc. which could be cashed for rewards/gifts etc. Rule engine can be customized to offer/structure rewards in terms of coupons/free recharge etc. This is in alignment with the psychology of learners who typically are not the kind who like to spend time and effort to learn and would rather play and have fun!

Lights, Camera, Action! Learn English the filmy way!

We use movies to help teach students English to make learning fun and contextual based. The learners are engaged by the movies and a series of activities based on the clip teaches them certain words and phrases.

Learning and Fun go hand in hand

Learners play games around movies and learn English, earning points, badges, competing against themselves and a leader board. These points and badges can be cashed for rewards/ gifts.

Learn through your native language

We have developed the regional language to english learning in Hindi and Kannada. We are in the process of developing capabilities for Bengali, Tamil & Telugu.


Designed for both self-paced as well as flipped classroom model


Follows international language learning framework – CEFR tailored to Indian context


Designed on iPRIMED learning methodology (under patent) for young adult learners


Covers all aspects of language learning, i.e. Read, Write, Listen & Speak

Our English Course Outline - Here is a sneak peak